About the Playbooks

A Playbook is a ready-to-use resource that targets a specific character strength.

Our award-winning Playbooks are codeveloped by educators, scientists, and designers, wedding the expertise of each profession in one resource.


Who should use Playbooks?

Anyone who wants to help children develop character strengths—parents, coaches, counselors—can use Playbook strategies.  Playbooks also include guidance on how to implement these strategies into classrooms. Teachers know that school can—and should—be a place not only to raise test scores, but also to cultivate character.

What are Playbooks?

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Expert Practice


Expert Practice helps students and teachers build incrementally toward mastery.


Build Connections


Build Connections is a strategy for linking personal interests with school to increase motivation and effort.



WOOP is a strategy for identifying and achieving wishes.

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What is character?

Intentions and actions that benefit both the individual and others

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Calling educators

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