About the Playbooks

A Playbook is a ready-to-use resource that targets a specific character strength.

Playbooks are codeveloped by educators, scientists, and designers, wedding the expertise of each profession in one resource.

Who should use Playbooks?

Though we hope they're helpful for anyone, we've designed the Playbooks for teachers. Why? Because developing character is not one-size-fits-all—what works for one student may not be as effective for another. With Playbooks as a foundation, teachers can adapt scientific insights to their unique classroom.

What are Playbooks?

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Build Connections

Link personal interests with school to increase motivation and effort

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WOOP is a strategy for self-control

More Playbooks on social belonging, deliberate practice, and others coming soon!

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What is character?

Intentions and actions that benefit both the individual and others

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Calling educators

Join a group of educators helping Character Lab shape Playbooks