Playbook Educators

Why partner with Character Lab?

Educators in our network get access to early versions of our Playbooks; what's more, they help shape the final outcome, sharing their ideas with thousands of teachers. It's a unique opportunity to help advance the practice of character development.

What is our network of educators?

This network of educators helps shape Playbooks that are usable and delightful. Currently, we partner with middle and high school educators. Participants can assist in ways ranging from hosting members of Character Lab in the classroom to piloting forthcoming Playbooks. See below for more details.

Choose any or all of these ways to get involved

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Host Character Lab in your class

Seeing your classroom or school in action provides insight into how Playbooks should be designed to suit your needs. A member of Character Lab would ask questions and observe as you go about your normal day.

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Be interviewed by Character Lab

One-on-one conversations and focus groups provide deeper insights that guide the direction of Playbooks. A member of Character Lab would conduct an informal conversation with you.

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Give conceptual feedback

Once Character Lab has the start of a Playbook, it’s important to get initial thoughts and feedback from those who will be using it. During this time, a member of Character Lab would show you an early version to hear ways it could be more useful to you.

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Pilot resources in your class

As Playbooks become finalized, Character Lab tests how they work in your classrooms.

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Playbook educators