Expert Practice for Classrooms

50 minutes | Grit

How do I do it?
Expert Practice helps you improve your skills—no matter what it is you’re trying to master. There are three steps you follow in order, and then repeat, repeat, repeat: First, identify a specific sub-skill that incrementally challenges you. Second, practice that skill with full effort. Third, seek feedback on what you could do better.

How does it work?
The opposite of Expert Practice is mindless practice—just going through the motions without a real goal in mind, without concentration, and without meaningful feedback on how you can improve. When you practice like an expert, you make the most of your practice time. The same three-step process applies whether you want to become a better trumpet player, a better writer, or a better student.

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Expert Practice Resources for Teachers:

“Getting kids to think about skills they’ve already mastered is so helpful—they realize that they’re good at those things because they’ve practiced.”

—Jen, Middle School Teacher, Maryland

About the Researcher


Anders Ericsson is internationally known for his research about expert performance and deliberate practice, professional development, and long-term working memory, among others. He consults with professional sports teams,international companies, world-class surgeons, and schools of medicine, education, and business. He's Conradi Eminent Scholar and Professor of Psychology at Florida State University.

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